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TimesPro receives the ‘Best Employability Award’

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Bengaluru: TimesPro has been honoured with the ‘Best Employability Award’ at Entrepreneur India’s recently held ‘Education Innovation Summit & Awards 2023’. The prestigious event brought together a diverse group of national and international brands along with sectoral leaders to share their perspectives on transforming the EdTech landscape and building institutions that can meet the challenges of the future.

The award recognises TimesPro’s outstanding contribution to addressing the pressing issues of under-employment and under-skilling in India through its job focused Early Career programmes. For over a decade, TimesPro has been collaborating with various academic institutions and hiring partners to create cutting-edge learning programmes that bridge the industry-academia gap and makes the Indian youth employable.

Since its inception in 2013, TimesPro has influenced lives of over two million learners, with an impressive 90 per cent of learners from its Early Career Programmes finding employment after completing the course. Anish Srikrishna, CEO of TimesPro, emphasised the importance of employability in India, where the education system is outcome oriented. He explained that TimesPro’s industry-oriented approach and collaborations with academia enable learners to acquire new-age skills that are relevant to the industry and prepare them to excel in their professions.

“Our learners get skilled by industry experts,” Srikrishna added. “Bankers and ex-bankers conduct our banking programmes, bringing cutting-edge knowledge for an early career aspirant to make inroads into the banking system. Similarly, those teaching Web 3.0 to our students are technology practitioners. TimesPro provides learners with opportunities through our partner network, thus empowering the Indian youth with skill-based employment.” In addition to its early career and executive education programmes, TimesPro also offers a range of learning programmes across different categories, industries, and age groups, including organisational learning and development interventions at the corporate level. The platform collaborates with leading Indian MNCs across various sectors to provide upskilling and reskilling solutions that boost employability and create a robust workforce.

Overall, TimesPro’s commitment to creating innovative, industry-relevant learning programmes has earned it a well-deserved place among the leaders of India’s EdTech landscape. As a Higher EdTech initiative by the Times of India Group, TimesPro is poised to continue its mission of empowering the career growth of aspiring learners and creating a brighter future for the Indian workforce.

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