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Tomayto, Tomahto: the Perfect match for every occasion

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July:  Did you know? The very first recipe for a classic tomato sauce was by Francesco Leonardi, the chef for Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

From that moment in history, in just a very short time, the tomato rose in stature gloriously and became a favoured ingredient in the kitchen, whether for royal banquets or a simple meal.

The versatile ingredient also boasts of a variety of ways in pronounciation. We can call it to-may-to with stress on “may” the very American way or to-mah-to in a very British manner. We may even round the ‘o’ at the end extending to-ma-to-o in an Australian way! Such is the beauty of the juicy round ball convenient, widely available and easily enjoyed everywhere.

The tomato plant originated in Peru as a semi-wild species with small berries. Its use for cooking was widespread among the Mayas and Aztecs who cultivated it along with maize and called the fruit “xitomatl”. The variety that arrived in Europe much later, brought by the Spanish ships, was better and more digestible, and it became an essential ingredient in the kitchen. The tomato was first used in European cuisine in the 18th Century.

With the improvement of industrial technology, the first canned tomatoes appeared on the market in the 19th century, and soon, they became the most widely consumed canned product due to their shelf life and versatility. No matter which cuisine from any  region in the world – canned tomatoes are always ready to give dishes that perfect taste and a healthy boost.

Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe are canned tomatoes preserved at their peak and are always ready to use. Grown under the Mediterranean Sun, Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe come packed with a burst of taste and nourishment in various forms: whole peeled, cherry, or chopped.

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