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Unify looking forward to hire 10,000 people in a year

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Mumbai: Facility Management firm, Unify, has announced that it will be recruiting about 10,000 people in India over the next 12 months, adding to its existing workforce of 8,000+ in the country. The move comes after Unify grew by more than 60 % Y-o-Y and increased its service presence throughout the country to 145 cities.

“The Indian organized facility management services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20 percent over the next 5 years. This growth is driven by the growth in the Real estate, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. Through this expansion, we hope to positively impact our clients’ businesses across industry verticals with more customized solutions and technology-driven services,” said Saurabh Agarwal, Managing Director of Unify Facility Management Private Limited.

The facilities management market is still dominated by unorganized service providers, accounting for nearly 65 percent of the market size as opposed to the 35 percent that is shared amongst organized service providers such as Unify. However, as the country develops, the balance between the unorganized to the organized players may flip in the next decade, resulting in increased opportunities and consolidation of the service providers. Now, with a return to the offices and the demand to maintain safe and sanitized physical environments, the demand for facility management services has been on the rise. Moreover, the labor force that traditionally worked with unorganized or non-compliant service providers is also happier working with companies that adhere to labour laws and offer them benefits that they didn’t receive earlier in their careers.

The hiring announcement adds another feather to the cap of the brewing relationship between Unify and its 29 Fortune 500 clients in the country. It would be interesting to see how the firm attempts to set a foothold in acquiring talent at a large scale in the highly competitive market.

“We have a new ‘accelerated hiring process’ that results in applicants getting an offer within a day of applying. To execute this, we leverage a dedicated team to reduce the hiring time. As pre-pandemic hiring was a drawn-out process and could take a week, we digitized it to make it faster with deeper screenings and outcome-based scorecards to evaluate candidates; eliminating the need for post-interview evaluations,” said Saurabh. 

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