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Urban Fashion Range for Modern, Flamboyant, Independent Woman, ‘The Ukkiyo Life’

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New Delhi: “The Ukkiyo Life” an urban clothing line for women, launched its online-only brand’s website ( today. The website is set to revolutionize the boring work from home outfits and will bring a thrilling shopping experience for women at their fingertips.

Ukkiyo in Japanese means ‘urban lifestyle’, and the brand’s entire rage is a literal manifestation of providing a range of classy, comfy and chic outfits for women on the go. The outfits are designed to represent a modern, flamboyant, independent woman who exudes confidence. Simultaneously, Ukkiyo also celebrates the uniqueness and strives to create versatile pieces to suit the dynamic needs of a woman.

What stands out in these modern days and multifaceted clothing options is that it is entirely environmentally friendly and harmless to your skin. Right from the designing part to the manufacturing, complete processes is green and clean, and they surely take pride in that. The motto of “The Ukkiyo Life” is “We care for you” The product manufacturing is purely from previously used materials to reduce carbon footprint, thus setting an example of sustainable fashion.

Priyanka Jain, Co-Founder & Lead Designer, “The Ukkiyo Life”, said, “The most common issue that I have found with international fast fashion brands is that the designs and patterns are pretty great, but the outfits sometimes don’t fit our conventional dressing styles (see through, deep neck). The modern, active and independent woman needs something that can morph three outfits into one and give her the freedom to work, play and party in the same dress she put on in the morning while being affordable. That’s the void we plan to fill in the ladies wardrobes Also, dresses fitted with pockets give a lady the mobility she needs to manoeuvre freely throughout the day. That is my motivation and goal when it comes to my line of designing.”

“The Ukkiyo Life” is a one-stop-shop for all women out there.  Be it WFH, business brunches, that one dreaded presentation with a particularly challenging clients, work-hard-party-harder dinners, or long days of data crunching that makes you roll up your sleeves – “the Ukkiyo life” is the perfect wardrobe capsule for you.

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