US, China near modest trade deal that would suspend planned tariffs & de-escalate 17-month trade war

The United States and China are close to finalising a modest trade agreement that are set to kick in on Sunday de-escalating their 17-month old trade war.

The US Chamber of Commerce, Head of International Affairs, Myron Brilliant said they are close to a deal. He said the administration has agreed to suspend Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on 160 billion US Dollars in Chinese imports on Sunday and to reduce existing tariffs.

In return, Beijing would buy more US farm products, increase Americans companies’ access to the Chinese market and tighten protection for intellectual property rights.

The deal awaits final approval from President Donald Trump. However, Trump yesterday on Twitter declared he is getting very close to a big deal with China.

Earlier, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng, had told reporters that the economic and trade teams of both sides have maintained close communication. He offered no additional details to release.

The two sides are negotiating a so-called Phase 1 agreement as part of the effort to resolve their sprawling trade dispute.

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