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Vedantu to Transform Offline Coaching in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

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Hyderabad: Leading ed-tech brand Vedantu is set to transform offline test-prep coaching in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the launch of over 10 Vedantu Learning Centers within the next two years. This ambitious initiative is spearheaded by Vamsi Krishna, Vedantu’s Co-Founder and CEO, who has been a pivotal figure in transforming the Indian education sector over the last 20 years. Vedantu has partnered with Vignan in this region for the expansion.

Addressing the press, Vamsi mentioned that Vedantu aims to solve the issue of giving students personalised education with the help of Vedantu’s decade-long innovations in technology through Vedantu Learning Centers. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, Vedantu Learning Centers prioritise consistent quality and personalised teaching. It ensures every student receives the necessary attention through dedicated academic mentors, real-time performance tracking technology, and 24/7 doubt resolution to address doubts whenever they arise. “Education needs to evolve so every student has the opportunity to excel without the burden of unnecessary stress,” Vamsi asserts, emphasising the core philosophy behind Vedantu’s innovative approach.

Hailing from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, Vamsi’s journey from a middle-class background to becoming a leader in EdTech is truly inspiring. Reflecting on his transformative years, he shared that he was unaware of IITs until the ninth grade, yet went on to graduate from IIT Bombay. “The system, professors, batchmates, and the myriad activities at IIT were crucial in building a confident personality,” he remarked.

Vamsi’s life changed during a visit to a small school in Barnala (Punjab), where he encountered a significant gap in the educational aspirations of students from smaller towns compared to those in metropolitan areas. “I realised my purpose that day,” Vamsi recalls. “Despite their intelligence, many of these students only aspired to attend local government colleges, simply because they were unaware of the broader opportunities available.” Motivated by this experience, he began teaching in a small town in Patiala. Remarkably, 11 of the 33 students from the first batch he taught were selected for IITs. This initial success demonstrated the impact of quality education in transforming student lives, leading Vamsi to co-found Vedantu, which leverages technology to deliver personalised learning at scale. Today, Vedantu stands tall as a beacon of excellence with over 2,000 expert teachers inspiring many students across India.

As Vedantu spearheads this shift towards educational excellence in offline coaching, it invites students and parents to join this transformative journey. This new era in coaching delivers learning outcomes in a way that enables students from all backgrounds to achieve their maximum potential.

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