Women of Self Help Group of Sehore district call on CM Chouhan

Bhopal: Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the government will assist in branding locally manufactured goods in the state to promote sale. He said that Prime Minister  Narendra Modi has spoken about Local for Vocal to fulfill the resolve of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The Government of Madhya Pradesh is also committed towards Local for Vocal. He said that the Livelihood Mission is the priority of the government. Rise in economic activities of self-help groups will also lead to financial empowerment of women. Chief Minister  Chouhan said this on Thursday to the Didis of Livelihood Mission, who had come specially from Sehore district to meet him at CM House.         

The Didis of Livelihood Mission presented an idol of Lord  Ganesh built from Panchagavya by the Didis of Livelihood Mission to Chief Minister  Chouhan. The Didis told that the gift pack contains 26 types of items useful for Deepawali, which include earthen lamp, dried cow dung, pot (Tulsi marriage), Dhoopbatti, Lakshmi jhadu, coconut for worship, betel nut, janeu, panchmeva, red piece of cloth, itra, havan samagri, turmeric, kumkum, akshat, rui batti, rangoli colours, idol of Laxmi, Murti asan, lamps for worship, ghee, Shubh Deepawali, Shubh-Labh, Lakshmi Charan Paduka, Panchagavya coins made of dung (Om-Sri-Swastik). The Didis told that the price of Deepawali gift pack has been kept at Rs 399 by the self-help-group. The gift pack is available for sale at Rural Mart Lunia Square, Sehore, Aura Mall, Bhopal. Apart from this, the packs are also available online on order through Aajeevika App. During the meeting, the SHG didis also informed Chief Minister  Chouhan that online sale was also started to promote the sale of gift packs. Chief Minister  Chouhan purchased the Deepawali gift pack and also paid a price of Rs. 399.

Didi of Jai Gurudev self-help group Bhavkhedi told the Chief Minister during the meeting that her self-help group runs Kanhaiyya Gaushala which has about 100 cows. Old cows along with mulching ones are taken care of in the gaushala. Apart from milk and milk products, sculptures, lamps, swastik, charan paduka, pots, etc. are made in the cowshed with panchgavya material. These activities provide an additional income to the Gaushala and SHGs.

Didi of Maa Durga self-help group Ichchawar told during the meeting that her self-help group also cultivates medicinal crops including tulsi, ashwagandha, kalonji etc. Cultivation on about one acre of land cost about Rs 15 thousand and crop sale was for Rs 60 thousand. In this way, self-help groups earned Rs 45 thousand. On the other hand, Didi of Ganesh Self Help Group from Budhni told that her group also practises bee keeping. For this, flower crops such as arhar and mustard is taken. In a period of about one and a half months, we produced 40 kg of honey through bee keeping, which gave the group an additional income of Rs 12 thousand.

Didi of Lakshmi Self-Help Group told that her self-help group makes fancy bracelets and bangles. Fancy bracelets are sold for Rs 50 to Rs 250. The fancy bracelets shown by the group members was purchased by Chief Minister  Chouhan. The Didis of Ram Aajeevika Group, Sehore and Balaji Aajeevika Group, Ashta told that they work as bank sakhis. They help with bank applications besides providing information to women about insurance and pension, etc. Didi of Radhika self-help group Nasrullaganj said that her group runs a sewing centre and is also considering opening a kiosk. Commissioner Public Relations  Sudam Khade, Collector Sehore  Ajay Gupta and CEO Zila Panchayat Sehore  Harsh Singh were also present on the occasion.

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