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After Assam, Congress in Bengal planning to ‘save’ its candidates

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 From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : The Congress is on alert this time to avoid the collapse of the government formed in several states or the fall of party MLAs to form a government of another party. Though the results of the five state elections may be due on May 2, the Congress has already started preparations. The threat of its potential MLAs breaking up dominates the Congress in such a way that it has started assembling its winning candidates even before the results are out.

Though it may start from Assam, Congress sources say the same experiment can be repeated in other states as well. It may be recalled that congress is likely to form governments in Assam and Kerala in 5 states. Party sources believe that a coalition government is likely to be formed in Tamil Nadu which is being led by the DMK. In view of the internal tensions and the challenge being faced by the G23 leaders, the Congress considers it necessary to form a government in at least 2 out of 5 states for its survival. That is why the party has already started trying to keep the winning MLAs united where it is hoping to win and form the government. In Assam, the Congress has accommodated its candidates at the Fair Mount Hotel in Jaipur to prevent the breakdown.

 The Congress does not see any such fear because of its strong organisation in Kerala and Congress sources say the BJP is not in the race to form a government there so the threat is low. Tamil Nadu is in the same situation as Kerala. The party has started considering Puducherry and West Bengal. It is also important for the Congress to repeat the Assam experiment in West Bengal as the way the BJP is fighting Mamata strongly in Bengal will increase the risk of congress winning candidates breaking up if none of them get a majority. unequal. “Despite the campaign of prime minister Modi and Amit Shah after 2018, the BJP has managed to form the government in only two states, hijacked and sabotaged public opinion everywhere, the BJP has not only toppled the elected Congress governments but also forced all mlAs to form the government,” said Babita Sharma, president of the Congress Media Department. Congress Media Department President Babita Sharma said.

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