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Auditors dig out pillage in Prasar Bharati

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Suresh Unnithan   

When the nation is in facing fiscal distrust it seems officials in Prasar Bharati, have no worries in overspending by way of “excess payments”. The Principal Director of Audit, Jaipur    in a recent audit has exposed an excess spending of over 291.43 lakh by the Prasar Bharati Jaipur offices alone.

The audit report signed by Director, PDA Central, Branch Office, Jaipur says  “The audit observed in test-check of records under Prasar Bharati,Jaipur Offices that excess payment of Rs 291.43 lakh up to for the period from September 2008 to March 2020 on account of pay  &  allowances  was made to 79 officials of DDK, Jaipur and AIR, Jaipur, AIR,CBS, Jaipur, and AIR,CCW, Jaipur due to granting of 4th MACP and counted that as 3ed MACP and/or granting MACP benefit prior to the due dates.”

The detailed audit report signed by Director, PDA was sent to the Director General Doordarshan on 20.9.2021 detailing the names of the 79 beneficiaries of the excess payments.

On 07/12/2021, Director (Engineering) Doordarshan Kendra Jaipur wrote a letter to the Director General Doordarshan seeking “necessary guidelines” on the “re-fixation and recovery of excess payment.” In the letter the director apprehends that “sometimes it is not possible to recover huge amount from retired/retiring employees.”   

Copy of the relevant parts of the audit report is reproduced below:

Letter from Director, PDA Central, Branch Office, Jaipur
Copy of audit report
Copy of audit report
Letter from Director (Engineering), Jaipur to DG Doordarshan
  1. R. Thomas says

    Auditing must be done in all AIR & DD offices of Prasar Bharati all over India to find out the loss of public ex-checker due to illegal and wrong pay fixation and recovery may be initiated. Responsibility should be fixed on the officers who are involved in this.

  2. Alfred Touchriver says

    Firstly I congratulate Sri Unnithan sir for bringing out the truth about the looting of the public money. If this is the condition in Jaipur… then there would be a loss of thousands of crores in all India….. The currept officials should be punished for the misuse of tax payer’s money.


    Recovery should be done immediately

  4. O. Jose says

    Corrupt officers should be booked,

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