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Bachpan Uniforms Seized Again at the National Capital

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New Delhi: Bachpan Play School, the nation’s leading playschool with over 1100 franchisees, disclosed yet another raid in Delhi, this time in Mayur Vihar, where counterfeit Bachpan uniforms were confiscated.

The event took place earlier this week when the Delhi police executed a raid in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, where the proprietor was arrested for breaching trademark and copyright regulations. According to the investigation, the proprietor operated the uniform business and was involved in passing off and copyright breaches. Previously, a similar operation was carried out in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and the owner was detained for the same.

Bachpan Playschool, a trademark of S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd., is a playschool venture that began in 2004 and currently has more than 1100 franchisees around the country for young children. Bachpan Playschool is a brand that supports the interests of both parents and children and acknowledges the significance of a nationally recognised educational institution. It is a duty of such an organization to protect the interest and expectations of their customers.

An unnamed source told the Bachpan team, and they went to the police to uphold their legal rights. The proprietor was allegedly selling imitation Bachpan uniforms to scam schools and individuals, according to the police. The criminal has been the subject of a FIR, and additional steps will be taken to apprehend other perpetrators.

Mr. Narender Kumar Jain, CFO, S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. added, “Everyone at S.K. Educations has put in their commitment and dedication to making the brand reach a rooting level and it is our duty to protect our franchises nationwide. Also, there comes a sense of responsibility towards the parents and their children for providing them with prestigious and beau ideal space in exchange for choosing Bachpan as a brand.”

He also mentioned that they are awaiting more information on the next moves. However, there is only hope that more rights violators will be apprehended and that proper criminal measures will be taken so that the violation of rights may be eliminated as soon as possible.

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