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New Book ‘The Wisdom Bridge’ by Daaji

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MUMBAI/Hyderabad, 29 September 2022: In his new book The Wisdom Bridge – Nine Principles to a Life that Resonates in the Hearts of Your Loved Ones, Kamlesh D. Patel ‘Daaji’, the Guide of Heartfulness, says that parents everywhere are doing their best and they need support.

Drawing on ancient stories, discussing contemporary situations, sharing his life learnings, citing research and offering practical ‘how to’ tips, Daaji in The Wisdom Bridge guides us in strengthening the irreplaceable generational bonds of family, and in raising happy children, responsible teenagers and fulfilled adults.

Daaji says, “My new book puts the spotlight on the importance of wisdom in our lives. In times of uncertainty and doubt, wisdom shows the way, it helps us focus on leading a life of inspiration, one filled with meaning and purpose. During the early months of the pandemic, the question that kept coming up in my mind was, ‘How do I help parents through this new normal?’ For the past many years, I have been speaking about the well-being of families, the nurturing of children and the need to take care of our elders. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, with an increased sense of urgency, I started writing this book.”

The current and fourth guide of the Heartfulness global movement, father of two and grandfather of three, Daaji has spent the past four decades training people across the world in Heartfulness meditation.

The Wisdom Bridge is a deeply personal call to fortify existing spiritual and emotional connections within the family that transmit life’s richest learnings across generations. It is a call to build, where not yet existing, such bridges across the oft-cited ‘generation gap’ to meet the needs of every generation living in a family.

In The Wisdom Bridge Daaji lays down a path along nine principles that are expressions of the universal determination of parents to do their best for their children and of communities to see their families thrive.

The Wisdom Bridge (Penguin Random House India) that is available for pre-order on Amazon, is for parents. And Daaji uses the word ‘parent’ to address anyone caring for a child—parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers and caregivers; and he uses ‘family’ in its many flavours—parents-to-be, large joint families, nuclear families, families with co-parents, single parents and so on.

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