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Bandhan Mutual Fund’s Father’s Day Campaign ‘Sharma ji ke Papa’ Highlights Lifelong Mutual Learning and Growth

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Hyderabad: This Father’s Day, Bandhan Mutual Fund shares a delightful video taking a contemporary take on the father-child relationship. Highlighting a slice of life, where today’s children take the lead on equipping fathers with the know-how on the use of technology, sometimes using jibes and quips, showcasing the evolving social dynamics where children now empower their fathers to be smarter in various aspects of life. The video cleverly pivots to ‘Sharma ji ke Papa,’ demonstrating a modern twist where fathers learn from their children in many ways. Yet, it also shows that in some areas, fathers still have the upper hand, and their wisdom prevails.

Vishal Kapoor, CEO, Bandhan AMC, shares, “The campaign “Sharma ji ke Papa,” a play on the timeless figure of “Sharma ji ka Beta,” underscores the importance of mutual growth and learning between generations, while celebrating the evolving bond between fathers and children in a fun way. As traditional familial roles evolve, this new campaign aims to inspire families to collectively adopt lifelong mutual growth and financial security. This Father’s Day, let’s embrace the spirit of ‘Badhte Raho’ to keep growing, learning, and enriching our lives, no matter our age. “

Through this compelling story, Bandhan Mutual Fund seamlessly integrates Bandhan Mutual Fund’s core branding message encapsulated in the tagline ‘Badhte Raho.’ Derived from the insight that financial security enables individuals to live life to the fullest, this tagline encourages everyone to continuously progress and embrace a lifelong journey of growth. The video reflects this philosophy through its playful narrative, vibrant visuals, and engaging characters, embodying the dynamic spirit of ‘Badhte Raho.’

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