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BJP will win close to 27 seats in West Bengal: Rajnath

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New Delhi: With the political discourse heating up across the nation  around the upcoming national elections, ABP News, one of India’s leading Hindi news channels, organized a thought-provoking ‘Shikhar Sammelan’ on March 29, at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. Hosting the tallest of the political leaders, the summit served as a crucible for incisive analysis and fervent debate, elucidating the contours of India’s democratic landscape.

Rajnath Singh asserts, “We will win 28 out of 28 seats in Karnataka. From the Southern States, people will vote for PM Modi in National Elections. They realize that India’s stature has become grander at the International Level. We will win close to 27 seats in West Bengal, and will sweep Bihar.”

Responding to whether China has occupied Indian territory in North East, Rajnath Singh, said, “India is not considered a weak nation anymore. We have emerged as an important global power.  I would like to assure all Indians that no one can harm India’s interests today. Dialogue is happening between the China and India. Arunachal Pradesh was, is, and will remain India’s integral part.”

Regarding Jammu and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh remarked, “Soon there will not be a need for AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir and we will reduce the troops deployed there.”

Addressing several questions around Electoral Bonds, Rajnath Singh observed, “Electoral Bonds was a well-considered decision to minimize the impact of black money on Indian politics. Those giving donations to political parties may become victims of revengeful stance in case of changes of Government. Basis the reasoning, in case of transparency, someone can demand that voting should also not be secret.”

Remarking about the controversies surrounding the arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Rajnath Singh, said, “Politicians should show some morality and ethical values in Indian politics. A person who is charged of a crime should resign from his position. ED & CBI haven’t closed cases for those who have joined BJP. Congress should not try to misguide people. If people have a problem with action of the Government or any investigation body, they should knock the doors of the judiciary.

Commenting on the opposition, Rajnath Singh said, “No one has stopped the opposition parties from uniting, but it is their inability to do so. For healthy democracy, a strong opposition is needed. How many opposition leaders have gone to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in jail?”

The ‘Shikhar Sammelan’ crystallized ABP News’ unwavering commitment to invigorating democratic dialogue and fostering an informed electorate poised to shape the nation’s destiny. As the herald of democracy reverberates across the land, ABP News remains steadfast in its mission to illuminate the path forward, emboldening citizens with the power of knowledge and civic engagement.


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