Changes expected in the Education sector post Covid-19 era recommended by Gopalan Anish Acharya

 The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the academic year of the students, from entrance examinations to enrolling in colleges. Everything is in online mode. Indian Students who were planning to study abroad after their schooling was confused when the pandemic hit the world. In almost every country the coronavirus has impacted higher education plans. Before that our lives were much normal and simpler, the international universities were welcoming foreign students but now some countries have put a temporary ban on the students and working visas but it’s been seen in a report that now more than two thousand students are willing to study abroad. There will be many changes that can be seen while enrolling in the admission process. Many countries are offering new courses and admissions in their universities like the UK, US, Australia, and Canada.

The most appealing factor for a student is the destination and infrastructure of the universities but now it is turning into digitalization. Traditionally the universities were conducting classes physically but in the ongoing global crisis, the foreign universities are giving a push to online learning. Teachers are interacting globally with students through online classes for bridging the gap in the current scenario. Many countries like the UK and the US have started welcoming foreign students by launching international student’s immigration routes. Whenever physical learning will be started, all the universities are compulsory to follow social distancing norms. The medical students are also opting for studying abroad as now there will be a better job and research opportunities. The traveling and visa process might also get complex in the matter of international students to minimize the risk. Along with this, there will be no traditional courses but there will be more new courses related to research and health.

Gopalan Anish Acharya, Founder of Medveda Pvt Ltd saidThe pandemic has hit the global education sector and put them on halt for a while and it will take a fair time to be in a normal situation. Studying abroad is the most transformational and life-changing experience for anyone but now in post-covid-19 the things are getting changed for good and now universities are again starting their admissions. Things won’t be the same that they use to be earlier, there will be some changes now. First of all, everything will be online from visa applications to admission applications. Also if we will see this economically, many universities in the UK, US, and Australia are offering admissions and new courses in their universities. Also, there will be new forms of learning like AI (Artificial Intelligence). The education sector will now be more technology-driven blended with the audiovisual classes. The cost of living will be a bit higher now as compared to earlier times. The regular social distancing and sanitization normas will be followed everywhere.”

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