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Chinese beetle insects attack Amla trees and plants in Arunachal

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GUWAHATI : The global epidemic corona virus, which has caused havoc around the world, originated from China’s Wuhan city last year. The Corona virus from China has caused havoc all over the world, the whole world has been imprisoned for a year. After the corona virus, insects named China’s beetle have now begun to panic. Recent research revealed that Amla plants in Arunachal have been infected by Chinese beetle insects. In Uttar Pradesh and some other North Eastern States, this research has been done by a group of scientists. It is being planted that China had done the first bio-war and is now preparing to do organic war again. Let me tell you that the scientists also estimated that these chinese beetles could spread to the growing states of Litchi and Amla like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. If necessary steps have not been taken. Renowned gastroenterologist M.M. Kumawat and other scientists from the College of Horticulture and Forestry (CHF) in Arunachal Pradesh have found a serious violation of the Chinese stem borer beetle Eristobia Reticulater (Voet) on Amla plants in the eastern Jiang district of the state. The study was carried out in 15 orchards in plain areas.

The same beetle is a regular insect of litchi and tall trees in China and Myanmar and it was first found in India in 1997 as a stem borer on guava trees in Meghalaya. Kumawat said it extended its host border and became the major pest of Litchi in Arunachal Pradesh. Now, it has also become an insect of Amla. Kumawat, who previously worked at the College of Horticulture and Forestry under the Central Agricultural University at Imphal and is now serving in the Agricultural University of Jodhpur, said the China beetle can invade neighbouring Assam, Manipur and Tripura. It is published by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in the latest issue of the Indian Journal of Antomology, titled “Artistobia Reticulator (First Record on Vaughan) titled Onla Ambellaa Affinalis. Kumawat said that the concerned state and central authorities are yet to take appropriate and adequate quarantine measures to prevent the spread of Chinese beetles in the north-eastern states. He said that the incident of China’s Beetles on Amla trees in different parts of Arunachal Pradesh was seen at different levels. However, an official from Indian Agricultural Research said that according to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, after the Agricultural Research Institute on 29th December 2020, international news had released a report to ascertain the origin of chinese insect SARS infected with trees and plants. Knowing that bats present in the cave can prove to be dangerous and contagious. Scientists from the Agricultural Research Institute in Chinese insects can be seen working on safety standards.

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