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Climate Crisis Action Forum aims to Plant 10 crore saplings in 15 days across Goa

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PANAJI: The Goa-based Climate Action group – Climate Crisis Action Forum (CCAF) has set a very ambitious target of planting 10 crore saplings this monsoon with the help of volunteers in the States of Maharashtra and Goa.

According to chef Sonya Kaur, the brain behind the project, “Climate Crisis is a reality in India. We are already experiencing varying climatic conditions, which were not witnessed over the last few decades. Forest cover in the country has declined noticeably over the last 10 years. This tree plantation drive this monsoon is an attempt to make a small positive contribution towards the Global climate crisis, which is surely and steadily taking its toll.”

Flynn Remedios, spokesperson for the project said that the Climate Crisis Action Forum is enlisting volunteers who will be part of the tree plantation drive. Corporates, NGOs, PSUs, Colleges, Universities and every citizen is encouraged and called upon to plant at least 10 trees.

“Saplings will be provided by our network of volunteers across Maharashtra and Goa. More than 2 lakh volunteers will strive to plant 10 crore saplings in a period of 15 days and set a new World Record,” Remedios said.

Volunteers who plant more than 10 saplings will be awarded a Climate Crisis Warrior certificate and those who plant 100 saplings will be honoured with a Climate Crisis Warrior certificate and badge.

The top 100 sapling planters in both States will be felicitated at a national level event to be held at a later date.

Tv, Bollywood/film (including regional) stars and sports-persons, cricketers and footballers will be part of the project to motivate and encourage youth to plant trees during the 15-day project period.

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