‘Collaborative Approach between Centre & States must to Build A Strong India Story’

K T Rama Rao, Telangana

New Delhi: State governments today called for a collaborative effort between the centre and states to strengthen growth in the country. Industry ministers of Telangana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra shared their insights on ease of doing business in India and highlighted the need of collaborative approach for a globally competitive India while speaking at PAFI 7th National Forum 2020.

Speaking at PAFI 7th National Forum 2020, Mr. K T Rama Rao, Cabinet Minister for IT E&C, MA&UD and Industries & Commerce Departments, Government of Telangana said, “Way out of this crisis has to be a state empowered. Government of India is responsible for overarching policy, but real action is at the state level. Empowerment of state in terms of economic activity and industrial activity is needed. Innovation, Infrastructure and Inclusive Growth are the key drivers of the overall growth. Bringing down the cost of ease of doing business, quality and the process of exit of a business are important for India to be globally competitive because competition in terms of attracting the investment is not between the states but between India and the world”.

Highlightening the process of investment in Telangana he said, “We act as advocates for our investors and take their policy inputs. We also parley with key government of India leaders in the interest of the nation. I am extremely proud to share that out of USD 28 billion of investments, 23% come from our existing investors. In Telangana, we don’t just help companies invest in the state, but also hand-hold the industries coming here as they set up their operations”.

Mr Sidharth Nath Singh, Cabinet Minister – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Investment & Export, NRI, Sericulture, Textile & Handloom, Khadi & Gramodyog, Government of Uttar Pradesh said, “UP has come up with a 5-point agenda which includes – infrastructure, law and order, education, health and good industrial policy. Expansion of Plug and play system needs expansion to help attract investments. In UP, we are working on bonded manufacturing system as it will lessen the burden on working capital for industry”.

“We need synergies between states to move from competition to cooperation to make India the most attractive investment destination. We need to compete with the world. There is an opportunity for India because of the pandemic and disrupted global supply chain. Our states can come together and look at a larger collaboration for the nation”, he added.

Mr Saurabhbhai Patel, Energy Minister, Government of Gujarat said, “Gujarat is the first state to grow and has double digit growth rate consistently since last 15-20 years. All companies across different sectors already investing in Gujarat and further increasing their investments. The Cost of Production is low in Gujarat as compared to other states due to easy accessibility to the ports, infrastructure and global as well as domestic market. The business environment policies of the state Government is the key reason for the growth and maximum incentives have been given to the manufacturing sector. The policies have also identified new areas to promote their growth”.

He also said, “Gujarat will be cutting down cost for industry to provide good business environment, single window clearance and all things required by industries to put in fresh investment”.

Mr Subhash Desai, Minister of Industries, Mining and Marathi Language, Government of Maharashtra said, “Maharashtra has consistently been a leader on the industrial front. We contribute 15% to GDP of India and is also the largest contributor to exports. The state is an automobile hub and boasts of state-of-the art textile, IT and biotechnology parks. We are looking at revising the IT, electronics and logistics policies”.

He also added, “Skilled manpower is a stronghold of Maharashtra. To build on this, the ‘Mahajobs’ portal has been developed which brings job seekers and potential employers on one platform. Our Maha Parwana plan offers single window clearance, by virtue of a master license issued within 48 hours of application, for investors in the state. Maharashtra has worked on developing an ecosystem fit for investors and would welcome global and domestic investment in the state.

Moderating Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI said, “Each state is looking at attracting investments and improving Ease of Doing Business. The federal democracy of India has played a crucial role in building trust. The 4 states – Telangana, UP, Maharashtra and Gujarat – account for 35% of our country’s GDP”.

In his welcome address, Mr Raman Sidhu, Past President and Founding Member, PAFI & Chief Executive Officer, EBG Federation said, “Trust-building must now happen with great speed. States is where the action is”.

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