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Cricketer Manish Panday to be  Shanker Sports News  brand ambassador

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New Delhi: Shanker Sports News, a one-stop destination for all the cricketing news and sports updates, has roped in Indian cricketer Manish Panday as the brand ambassador. The cricket icon is all set to feature in the online and offline campaign for the brand across. The sports news brand intends to leverage the popularity of the cricketer to increase visibility among cricket fans, drive engagement and establish itself as the go-to source for all sports information.

Besides being an aggressive middle-order batsman as well as an extremely agile fieldsman, Manish Panday is an exceptional sportsman with in-depth cricketing knowledge and a charismatic youth icon. It makes him the perfect fit for Shanker Sports as a brand ambassador. The formal announcement made by the Shanker Sports website has brought smiles to the faces of cricket devotees, lovers of sports, and gamers all over the world who admire the Indian hard hitter.

The first brand campaign with the new brand ambassador is set to be launched in a month, which will put forth the objective and ambition of the platform. The campaign will go live across social media platforms.

“We are extremely delighted to have Manish Pandey as the Shanker Sports brand ambassador. He is an exceptional athlete, and his vivacity extends beyond the game. He is an ideal match for our brand, as he personifies the same elements and ethos because of the way he plays the bold and passionate game of cricket. More importantly, the cricketer has a strong following among the Gen Z audience, and we are certain that he will play a decisive part in our brand’s future,” said Amit Majithia, Founder of Shanker Sports.

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