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First ever designer Collection by 3-5 yrs old children

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Delhi:  Faridabad based School, Dudes & Dolls School, became the first early childhood development school to nurture children of 3-5 years age group as budding fashion designers. And showcased their designer clothing collection.

In a fashion show organized in the school campus on 10th July 2021, the design collection created by the children was showcased; the program was also broadcasted live.

Dudes & Dolls School is a dedicated school focused on Child development and the school doesn’t compromise in any effort that leads to child development. It has created the first “Bespoke Child Development” model and, nurturing designing abilities of the children is an element of the ‘Bespoke Development of Children”.

The students are encouraged and guided in a structured way to explore the world and enhance their inquisitiveness by doing various things; the school caters to the children of age group 0-5 years, and it has a dedicated in house “School of Art”, “School of Craft” itself shows the commitment of the school towards child development.

While asking about, why did school introduce fashion designing as a subject in early childhood education, the founder Ritesh Rawal replied, “Fashion design is a creative subject it is in an art form with high energy and multiple benefits. It builds individuality, inspires children to develop and believe in own thought process, it builds an ability to seek inspiration from our environment and see the impact it in real-time. Fashion is something that can be observed every day and it is present in our daily lives. It channelizes the inquisitiveness of children in the right direction. That’s why it is a subject that should be introduced to the children at an early age. My team members have been really working hard and they did not compromise in translating this idea into a successful program, I am really thankful to them for their efforts. ”

Dudes & Dolls School included “Fashion Designing” as a part of the curriculum and at first children were taught about the basics and gradually they were trained to create their own designs and school organized a live fashion show of their collection in which teachers wore the collection and walked on the ramp.

Dudes & Dolls School offers online, offline, and hybrid modes of schooling, while on one side due to pandemic schools are struggling to meaningfully engage children of 0-5 years this was really an out of the box idea in which children stayed safe and learned fashion designing at home, their work and its progress was reviewed using online learning and a physical live showcase program happened which was witnessed by children from their respective homes due to safety while their collection was out in the open and showcased to the world by teachers.

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