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Green Trends Rolls Out Exciting Summer Offers on Skin and Hair Services

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Chennai: With summer right around the corner, Green Trends, the unisex hair & beauty salon from the house of FMCG Major CavinKare, today announced exciting offers on two of its signature services to combat summer hair and skin problems.  Detoxifying Active Charcoal Facial, and Cooling Mento Burst Hair Spa. The discounted price offer has been rolled out to provide a rejuvenating experience for your skin and hair and address the challenges posed by the summer climate. The Detoxifying Active Charcoal Facial service (originally priced at Rs. 3119) is now available at Rs.2149 for members and Rs.2499 for non-members. Meanwhile, the Cooling Mento Burst Hair Spa, is priced starting at Rs.849 for members and Rs.999 for non-members, which was originally priced at Rs. 1190. The offer will be available across Green Trends outlets starting from 1st April 2024 till the end of May 2024.

Throughout the summer months, individuals commonly encounter a myriad of skin concerns stemming from heightened sun exposure, elevated temperatures, and increased humidity levels. Presenting the Detoxifying Active Charcoal Facial—a meticulously crafted solution designed to purify & revitalize the skin and remove suntan. Harnessing the potent properties of activated charcoal, this specialized treatment offers a deep cleansing experience, targeting impurities and toxins embedded within the skin. By unclogging pores and eliminating pollutants, it leaves the complexion refreshed, rejuvenated, and radiant like never before.

The coming hot months have also not left hair problems behind. Excessive exposure to sunlight, humidity, and environmental aggressors often culminates in dryness, scalp irritation, and oily locks. Amidst these challenges, the Cooling Mento Burst Hair Spa emerges as a beacon of respite. Infused with a blend of menthol and cooling agents, this revitalizing treatment soothes and nourishes the irritated scalp, alleviating discomfort while infusing each strand with much-needed hydration to control fizziness. With every session, experience a revitalizing wave that leaves your hair feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to conquer the heat with confidence.

Experience these exclusive services at all 400+ Green Trends outlets across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Bhubaneswar (Odisha), Kolkata, and Uttar Pradesh throughout April and May 2024.

About Green Trends: Established in 2002, Green Trends is a flagship beauty salon brand from the house of CavinKare’s Trends Division. Today, Green Trends has over 400+ salons throughout India, making it one of the largest and the most popular organized beauty salon brands in the country. The salon brand employs nearly 4000+ stylists who receive ongoing training to learn the Green Trends customer care system and advanced technical skills. As a walk-in salon, Green Trends provides value-priced, high-quality beauty salon services for men, women, and children.

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