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Kryolan Spreads Love and Gloss This Valentine’s Day With The Launch of High Gloss: The Ultimate Lip Gloss

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Mumbai: This Valentine’s Day, Kryolan, the most-renowned global professional cosmetics brand, today announced the launch of High Gloss. This breakthrough lip gloss product combines cutting-edge technology with nourishing ingredients to deliver an unparalleled glossy finish while caring for the lips.

Crafted with German precision and expertise, Kryolan’s High Gloss is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera extracts, renowned for their moisturizing properties and Vitamin-E to ensures that the lips stay hydrated and supple with a long-lasting comfort.

The hallmark of High Gloss lies in its “Instant Super-Gloss” effect, instantly transforming the lips with a mesmerizing shine that catches every light and keeps you on-trend effortlessly.  Available in 13 shades including nude, bold, iridescent and irresistible pink! The most exclusive thing about High Gloss is that it can be used also on eyelids and cheeks in a creative and diverse ways.

Give yourself the experience of the newly launched Kryolan High Gloss priced at Rs. 1,200 Now available at all Kryolan City shops and webshop:

Kryolan was founded in 1945, in Berlin, Germany, by Arnold Langer, a visionary chemistry student inspired by 1920s Berlin artistic expressions. “Make-up is a Science” has been Kryolan’s ethos since it began a hopeful journey 79 years ago. What makes Kryolan unrivalled in the cosmetics industry is that the company manufactures its own make-up products, which has been one of its greatest strengths in conquering theaters and film sets across the world. Kryolan is propelled forward by three generations of the Langer family, who have pioneered make-up in 6 fields of competence, making Kryolan and the Langer Family truly stand out in the world!

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