Helping Hands initiative to bring remains of people who die in Delhi back home in NE

GUWAHATI: Helping Hands NE, an NGO headquartered in Delhi, has opened a new chapter, Last Journey Committee from 8 NE states to help relatives of eight states bring back the mortal remains of their near and dear ones from Delhi.

The formation of the special committee is an initiative of special commissioner of police, Delhi, Robin Hibu, who is also the president of Helping Hands.

“The increasing number of people from  the Northeast states dying in Delhi and tearful requests increasing every day for mortal remains to be transported back home for burials and cremations propelled us to form this particular committee,” the police official said.

Hibu further said that an eight member committee with members from each state has been formed to assist in arranging for the mortal remains to be transported back to their respective states.

The transportation of remains will only be done for those underprivileged NE  employees working in  unorganised private companies like maids, guards, sales girls/ boys,  unemployed strugglers and poor students.

To avail mortal transportation, burial/ cremation, one can contact Helping Hands at  Whatsapp No. 9810083486 and  Email – [email protected]

“It Is the least we can do for our dead who live in cities far away from  home and loved ones,” Hibu added.

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