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Humans of Bombay launches YouTube show, ‘The Humans of Bombay Show’

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Humans of Bombay (HOB), India’s largest storytelling platform is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new YouTube talk show ‘The Humans of Bombay Show’. The show will feature unique, inspirational, relatable and real-life experiences of individuals from all walks of life across the country. The first episode of the show went live at 7 pm on 5th July (Wednesday). The HOB talk show features Karishma Mehta (Founder of HOB) as the host and will embark on a heartfelt mission to capture the essence of every individual’s journey by bringing real people to the forefront.

There is no narrative more powerful than the human story! And, storytelling has been the raison d’etre of Humans of Bombay since its inception. Realizing that these magnificent stories deserve a larger canvas, HOB, through this YouTube show, intends to further expand its vision of telling raw and real-life stories of people from all sections of Indian society. The show will also focus on much-talked about concepts, professions and various categories like metaphysical phenomenon, life in defence forces, sex education and much more. The talk show promises to hold interviews with everyday people as it unravels the profound stories of these everyday heroes that stir the soul through genuine, intimate and freewheeling conversations.

Talking about the show Karishma Mehta, the Founder of Humans of Bombay, says, “From inspiring stories of women empowerment to powerful stories of love and loss, The Humans of Bombay Show is thought-provoking, inspiring, and full of the human spirit. We are bringing real stories of Heros from across India, stories that will inspire the audience and help us connect on a deeper level.”

For instance, the show will feature the life story of an unwanted girl child who went on to study and represent India at Harvard; it will also bring to focus a powerful story of a single mom who had a child out of wedlock in India and many such intriguing anecdotes of struggles, failures, and complexities in every episode while retaining the realness. Apart from that, the show will also talk about how these people still decided to trudge down the road less taken by fighting every challenge and breaking societal taboos, to emerge stronger.

‘The Humans of Bombay Show’ not only seeks to break down societal barriers and make conversations about these issues more accessible and relatable to a wider audience but also enlightens the viewers by giving them a chance to imbibe valuable lessons from the experiences of these ordinary people. Moreover, it also motivates the audience to take action and make a positive impact in their communities while also creating empathy and understanding. However, for the HOB Show, the journey has just begun. There are still many more stories waiting to be unearthed—those of ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives. So, tune in to the HOB YouTube channel, where stories ignite emotions and touch your very core.

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