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YuppTV Expands FAST Network Portfolio with the Launch of Pitaara TV Worldwide

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Hyderabad: YuppTV, a global leader in internet-based TV and on-demand services for South Asian content, proudly announces the addition of Pitaara TV to its FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) network platform. Pitaara TV, Punjab’s premier movie satellite channel, has garnered a massive global audience of 1.3 billion viewers, solidifying its position as the ultimate entertainment destination.

Building on its decade-long experience in the OTT field, YuppTV’s entry into the FAST network segment aims to tap into the flourishing category of free ad-supported streaming television services, witnessing significant growth worldwide. The partnership with major network providers enhances the quality content offering through YuppTV’s FAST channels, which currently boasts 200+ channels and anticipates reaching 500+ channels in the coming months.

Commenting on the launch, Uday Reddy, CEO & Founder, YuppTV, said, “We are delighted to introduce Pitaara TV to our FAST network platform, a significant expansion reflecting the surging demand for diverse content. As one of the foremost entertainment channels for Punjabis and the Punjabi diaspora, Pitaara TV aligns seamlessly with our commitment to offering premium, culturally-rich entertainment. The channel’s unique mix of Punjabi films, music, and exclusive shows brings a fresh, vibrant dimension to our FAST channels. This partnership not only enhances our viewers’ experience but also reinforces YuppTV as a go-to destination for global audiences seeking quality content. We look forward to bringing the magic of Pitaara TV directly to homes worldwide.”

Mahesh Sharma, Vice President of Strategic Partnership and Alliances at Pitaara TV, expressed his enthusiasm to launch Fast channel Pitaara TV on YuppTV, stating, “We are thrilled that Pitaara TV is now available on YuppTV, one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service providers for South Asian content. Our goal is to extend our reach to the homes of each & every Punjabi residing worldwide. With this inclusion, we are confident that our mission will be accomplished. Pitaara TV offers the finest Punjabi content, featuring the latest movies, shows, and music that will cater to diverse entertainment preferences.”

YuppTV is currently ranked as the #1 Internet Pay TV platform for South Asians living abroad and the largest Internet TV platform for premium content availability in India. With over 13 million mobile downloads and a 4.0 user rating, YuppTV remains a top choice for virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere.

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