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India Accelerator Announces Its Summer’20 Cohort, Selects 17 Startups

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India Accelerator, a seed stage accelerator program announced the commencement of its Summer’20 cohort. All 17 brands selected for the program are early stage startups in areas such as health, education and HR technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, e-gaming, AR/VR, recycled products, electric vehicles, e-commerce, hospitality and more.

The startups shortlisted for the summer 2020 cohort include Answer Genomics, Gateway VR,, Fit Buddy, Gamechest, Technisanct, MinzoIndia, Horeca Stop, GetWork, Quali5Care, Adya Lifecare, Brainwired, Skinny Herbs, Bolo Indya, Thoa, Hasora&Seclogic

India Accelerator is one of the fastest growing Accelerators in Asia, traditionally doing two batches every year. Started in 2017 by Ashish Bhatia and Mona Singh, it has a portfolio of close to 50 startups with the combined valuation of startups reaching over $100 Mn.80% of the startups are still active and two third of the startups have received follow on funding by the investors.

Usually a large number of companies apply to India Accelerator and the acceptance rate hovers between 4-5% & it is getting increasingly difficult to get in. The unrelenting focus during the 4-month cohort is to provide its startups massive growth through its mentorship, IA-Masters (CXO network), technological & peripheral services (Legal, Acctg, GTM, Perks etc) and finally, a platform to raise funding from investors. The Gurgaon based company runs mentorship driven acceleration programs for Technology start-ups in specific verticals – Cyber Security (Cipher), HealthTech (Pulse), Agritech (AgriKul), Social impact, Sports, Media & Entertainment (Velocity) etc.

“Each year the startups in our Summer and Winter cohorts bring new possibilities and opportunities that not only develop the startup ecosystem, but also create niches in the market that probably did not exist earlier. Much like our previous cohort, this batch too is diverse in its capability to influence multiple areas of business. We are happy to begin a new journey in co-creating and developing unique solutions to address the needs of our startups and help them disrupt the industry they are in,” said Ashish Bhatia, Founder and MD, India Accelerator.

The startups participating in the program include –

Answer Genomics is a genetic research organization building commercially viable genomic solutions for the Indian population.

Gateway VR empowers Interior Designers & Architects to create interior layouts in 2D, 3D & VR instantly with real, ‘available-in-the-market’ products. is an online marketplace selling recycled products in categories like home decor, office and stationary, apparel, gifts, event essentials, and travel essentials.

Fit Buddy is a ‘personalized training and monitoring’ mobile application which utilizes Computer Vision & Deep Learning algorithms to provide personalized training experience to sports & fitness enthusiasts.

Gamechest is a free and real money multiplayer gaming platform hosting contests across a plethora of game types. GameChest is available across all digital form factors Mobile App, Mobile Web, Tablet, and PC.

Technisanct is a big data cybersecurity startup based in India. It intends to fight the issues of cyber threats, spreading misinformation, privacy and data breaches negative campaigns using big-data and artificial intelligence.

MinzoIndia is a leading B2B online footwear marketplace and we have acquired a reputation of being quality manufacturers and trustworthy footwear wholesalers that offer the best prices on the market.

Horeca Stop is a one-stop Omnichannel procurement platform providing SAAS and Ecommerce to solve the procurement problem of Hospitality Industry.

GetWork aims to create a network of colleges to become the central placement platform for companies to hire college students and fresh graduates, taking this process online.

Quali5Care And Consulting Private Limited is India’s first of its kind online platform providing durable medical equipment on rental and for sale.

Adya Lifecare is a fast growing Healthcare Aggregator that provides an extremely valuable and sought after integrated healthcare and medical assistance services in India with appropriate level of technology usage.

Brainwiredis an agritech startup based out of Kochi, which has developed a livestock health monitoring, and tracking system named WeSTOCK.

Seclogicoffers a multi-layer SaaS based next generation cybersecurity risk orchestration platform. It provides a single pane of glass for CXO’s and their teams to manage the threat landscape.

Bolo IndyaEmpowering billion Indians to emerge as superstars!  Bolo Indya,one of  India’s fastest growing apps, is a short regional language videos driven social network Empowering users to create two-minute videos sharing their knowledge and experiences across interest areas

The House of Artisans (THOA) are a highly curated destination for world’s most unique, handmade and imperfect accessories, decor and gourmet creation.

HASORA is a curated marketplace (Online-Farmers market) for healthy, sustainability, and non-mass produced items from small farmers and artisans across the country.

Born in the kitchen, Skinny Herbs is about making better & healthier lifestyle choices to help you reach your health & wellness goals while making it taste good at the same time.

Although the cohort has started, India Accelerator is continuing to accept applications to add to its roster of brands. (please provide past numbers such as success rate etc.)

India Accelerator is a seed-stage accelerator program that helps startups grow from GOOD to GREAT. It’s a structured program that can bring the building blocks for a startup under one roof – the much needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial etc) and last but not the least, the capital. It is the ONLY GAN partnered, mentorship-driven, program in India.

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