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India-Bangladesh to share information on drugs trafficking and terrorist activity

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Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried his best to keep all the neighbouring countries under his control and all are going to be successful. India’s enemy country is trying to spread unrest in India by assisting terrorist outfits from China and Pakistan. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, Martyrs are all succeeding in building good relations with the neighbouring country. Now, both Bangladesh and India will work together to stop the terrorist activity, smuggling in the militant outfits and border areas, so India and Bangladesh have now signed an agreement with gravity. The strategy of India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval by thwarting pakistan and China’s anti-India unfair or illegal work and secret scheme is yet to succeed. A senior Home Ministry official has agreed in Guwahati today where India and Bangladesh have agreed to share real-time information on drugs smuggling and terrorist activity.

 The decision was taken during the 2-day Inspector General (IG) level talks between border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) in Kolkata. The 2-day IG level talks were held in Kolkata. Where the Indian delegation was led by BSF IG under the leadership of South Bengal frontier Ashwani Kumar Singh. A credible home ministry source said in Guwahati today that India has done a good job of dealing with JMB at the domestic level and on the Bangladesh border. But the bigger threat this country has to this organisation, much more needs to be done to deal with it. He said that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India issued a government order banning the terrorist outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh i.e. JMB and all its components on 24th May 2020. The official decree of the temperance was issued after an alert, which was sent by the Central Intelligence Bureau to the West Bengal government. In the alert, the Intelligence Bureau had warned the West Bengal government that Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, a terrorist organization, could attack Bangladesh in those districts of the state. The organization is now working under the flag of the Islamic State, a global terrorist organization. Earlier in May, a message on the Telegram group of a group supporting the Islamic State was seen to be viral. The attack was warned by the Islamic State militants of Bangladesh in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura. According to the Intelligence Bureau report, the official said it had provoked jihadists to attack India and Bangladesh. The jihadists were also told about possible locations, terrorist attack modalities and the recipe for infiltration into India through Bangladesh. So that they can sneak into India by dodging security outposts along the jihadist border.

 The Intelligence Bureau, in its alert, warned the BORDER Security Force and other organizations to guard the borders. However, it is more likely that terrorists had already camped in India. According to the Indian Army’s intelligence report, the Home Ministry immediately spoke to the Bangladesh government and applied for steps to prevent smuggling of drugs, human trafficking and smuggling of ammunition from across the border. On behalf of Prime Minister narendra Modi of India, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given strict orders of the Security Intelligence Organisation to detect this smuggling and terrorist activities in November. Further, the Government of India assured Bangladesh for all round depreciation assistance. To prevent such infiltration, India has installed the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMUS) on the Indo-Bangladesh border. It aims to make India’s international border with Pakistan and Bangladesh safer with the help of technology. India have tried to deal with the threat of JMB at the domestic level and also with Bangladesh. But a lot needs to be done in this direction right now. However, it also indicates that there is no particular difficulty in infiltrating terrorists from across the border. It is difficult for the Border Security Force to monitor India’s border with Bangladesh. So, they are not able to stop the infiltration from different areas, such as the boat. Terrorists cross the border with the help of small rivers and storm drains. That is why THE CIBUS succeeds in preventing this infiltration. It will be a matter of view. The way JMB is getting along with the Islamic State is helping it conduct the propaganda and activities of its ideology in India. On the other hand, the Bangladesh delegation was led by additional Director General, BGB. (A.D.G. ) For MD Zakir Hussain of South West Region. Both sides agreed to share real-time information. Ashwani Kumar Singh said that BSF is ig for South Bengal frontier. We will share real-time information so that criminals, whether from Bangladesh or India, can be arrested and brought to justice. ADG, B.G.B.K. for South West Region Zakir Hussain said that various issues relating to maintenance of border areas and peaceful border were discussed in the Conference. Let me tell you that the 51 edition of dg level border talks will commence in Guwahati from 22nd December. Major issues relating to border management are likely to be raised during the discussion in Guwahati. The main agenda is to curb border crimes and enhance cooperation between the two countries during the four-day meeting.

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