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India moving towards self reliant economy: Anil Aggarwal

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New Delhi: The present government has started the disinvestment process but it is still very slow and needs to be accelerated for overall development of the country .

“Most of the countries including the United Kingdom (UK) have gone in process of disinvestment and helped these countries in economic development. The disinvestment process  helps all . The judiciary in India should also understand and help in the disinvestment process. The disinvested companies should be run as a trust “ Said Anil Aggarwal, Founder and Chairman, Vedanta Resources while speaking at a webinar on ‘Vedanta of Business” organized by the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) , the  women business wing of the apex trade body FICCI. 

“India is a land of entrepreneurship with the advantage of location, young talent , natural resources and sea on Three sides the country is moving towards a self-reliant economy . But the world always looked at India as a market and never wanted to see it grow. But presently the process of self-reliance has grown and youth and  start ups with new ideas are taking the country to newer heights” said Mr Aggarwal.

“India has the largest deposit of oil gold , minerals, it is high time to explore them and especially the young and the women entrepreneur has to it. Worldwide an average of 44 per cent women are entrepreneurs and head various companies, In India it is still about 20 per cent. It is time for women to come up  as they are convincing and deliver “ Mr Aggarwal.

 ‘philanthropy will be the cornerstone of entrepreneurship in the coming years ahead. Vedanata group has pledged 70 Percent of its wealth to philanthropic activities. The profit  of business must help society where it matters the most and there is nothing more than securing the health and future of our women and children. Our experience of  Nand ghars is showing the way in various parts of the country ” said Mr Aggarwal

“Vedanta  group is too big to have family succession plan and no body from family is likely to succeed as no large company like Vedanta should have the family ownership” said Mr Aggarwal 

“ Mr Anil Aggarwal’s intelligence, strategic decisions and highly efficient leadership skills has come a long way ahead on the road of development, starting from copper, and to steel, aluminum, zinc , iron , power generation and many more. Along the line, I made sure that there was  no harm to nature.

His  story motivates us the business women  as well  young leaders to achieve their dreams “ said Ms Ujjwala Singhania, President FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) while speaking at the webinar,

“FLO IS one of the oldest business chambers for women with over 8000 members across 18 Chapters My focus as 38th President of FLO, is to increase women’s participation in mainstream economy We are training women to be Independent Board Directors, The 1st 100% WOMEN owned, FLO Industrial Park  has been set up in Hyderabad with 25 manufacturing units,

and with an investment of  Rs 250 Crore” said MS Singhania .

 “FLO has adopted over 130 villages across India to empower rural women.

Most importantly, we are building a women centric start-up ecosystem. Mr Anil Aggarwal’s support and guidance in these is much needed as Vedanta has been always working towards the welfare of the society “ she said.

Those present at the webinar included Sunira Chamria, Past President, FLO, Kolkata and FLO members from across India.

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