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Nest Modular Idli Tray from Foley

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Mumbai: Foley Designs has come out with a pathbreaking design for the conventional idli tray. Its unique combination of modern minimalist design and functionality makes this tray versatile, customisable and easily stackable. Here is a case where the design ensures that one size fits all. The design brings together beauty and utility bound by simplicity in a space that is often considered mundane.

Sculpt is the first brand to recognise India’s culinary diversity, by creating products that are inspired by the vast geographical variations in our culinary habits. The first product from Sculpt – the Nest Modular Idli Tray caters specifically to the cooking needs and intricacies of preparing a South Indian breakfast dish for a modern Indian kitchen.

Foley Designs presents the world’s first modular idli tray that is simple in design, innovative and purposeful with super-compact storage and a versatile configuration that should please all users. They have assessed the problems faced by users, whether it is the size of the cooker, storage constraints, diverse cooking habits and the varying sizes of families and adopted a modular approach that will leave nobody complaining.

The trays will fit all cookers as the height can be adjusted. They can be collapsed and stacked away in a cutlery drawer. When in use the tray configurations allow the best possible steam dissipation within a cooker. The smart spacing of vertically stacked trays ensures that the messy issue of batter rising and getting stuck under trays is eliminated.

The Nest Modular Idli is bound to impress every user because of the smart design that had transformed a conventional product into a delightful customer experience. The fusion of traditional cooking with contemporary modern design makes it stand out as a piece of steel art.

Foley Designs brings a holistic perspective to any design challenge and this is clearly reflected in the thought that has gone behind designing the world’s first modular idli tray. The product offers great flexibility and ease of use when you want to enjoy your favourite South Indian breakfast.

Speaking about the idli tray, Foley Designs Founder, Michael Foley said,” We are excited about the introduction of the Nest Modular Idli Tray to the market. It is a simple innovation that challenges common place objects combining elegance with functionality. Every design that comes out of our studio has creative problem solving behind it, as we want each of our products to be unique and eminently relevant.   This is the beginning of our journey in culinary product design for homes. We are positive that this product will be loved by customers for its smart design and ease of use.”

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