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Ozycare bagsL&T Metro, GMR Hyderabad Airport contract in Hyderabad for disinfection Ozone

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Hyderabad: Ozycare a company based out of Mumbai is pioneering Infection Control by using Advanced Technologies in Safe and Easy to Use Methods for Public Spaces, Malls, Hotels & Hospitals.

Ozycare has signed a contract with L&T Metro Hyderabad and have deployed Mobizone units at their service yards which is being used extensively for quick disinfection of the Metro cars. The technology has saved considerable amount of time and money, as it takes less than 10 minutes to sanitize the trains, with no consumables or recurring costs.

GMR Airport Hyderabad has entrusted Ozycare with installing its Sanitoz units in the Washrooms, to quickly de-odorise and sanitize the high-density Washrooms on a continuous basis.

Care Hospitals, one of the oldest Hospital chains in Hyderabad have conducted several trials and have now entrusted us to deploy Mobizone for their operation theatres. We have developed custom built PLC programs for Care Hospitals, so that they can use the same Mobizone for different application areas like operation theatres, patient rooms and washrooms saving them considerable capital costs.

Oakwood Hotels in Gachibowli have enhanced customer comfort by sanitizing the rooms with Sanitoz, getting 360 degrees coverage, covering all surfaces in a very short span of time, again with zero consumable costs.

The intention is to provide adequate information in public domain on the uses of Ozone and the myths surrounding its safety.

Ozone is an active form of oxygen. It is formed when oxygen is exposed to a high-energy field causing some oxygen molecules (O2) to break down to oxygen atoms (O). The oxygen atoms (O) then reacts with the oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone (O3). This is a reversible reaction which means that ozone can decompose back to oxygen.

Ozone is a Pale blue Active Gas present in higher concentrations in Upper layers of our Atmosphere. It’s this Ozone layer that protects us from the harmful effects of UV radiation from Sun. Ozone can also be produced by simulating the Atmospheric Conditions on Oxygen at those higher levels, but it cannot be stored since it’s an active Gas that will self-destruct and convert back to Oxygen. Just as any other disinfectant that we use in our daily lives, Ozone can also be harmful on direct exposure for extended periods at higher concentrations.

But the benefits of Using Ozone far outweigh the myths that are built around its safety.

Ozone has the power to eliminate Harmful Bacteria, Viruses and Pathogens Including Covid19 that has been of a high concern in the recent times. Most other infections are also caused by Virus or Pathogens of similar properties to Covid19, and Ozone is effective against almost all these organisms.

Ozycare harnesses the Power of Ozone in a Controlled Manner by generating and determining the concentration desired, the duration required, and removal of any excess ozone by Intelligent use of Ozone sensors, PLC programs, and Excess Ozone removal devices.

Speaking at the occasion, Geeta Seshadri, Managing Director, Ozycare said,“We are now scaling up our operations to Pan India levels. We have identified channel partners and will soon be launching in North and Western India. We also have plans to scale up and expand in Southern India given our manufacturing units are in Hyderabad and Chennai. We have lined up Investments up toRs.5 crores into Developing New Products, Healthcare solutions, and Marketing.”

“Our products are very cost effective, and as there are no consumable or recurring costs, they bring immense value to our customers. We intend to scale up our presence with solutions for Hospitals, Airports, Malls and large public spaces.”She further added.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Mustafa of CARE hospitals said, “thankful to Ozycare for introducing Mobizone and Sanitoz to us which is using Ozone Technology for Surface and Air disinfection. It saves lot of manpower, uses no consumables and its just simple plug and play. It inactivates the Nucleic acid by breaking the cell walls, which is the basic principle of Ozone. It works both as a viricidal and removal of fungi. Recent studies have shown that Ozone is a very good agent particularly in high risk areas of Corona Virus wards, pulmonology OPD’s Operation Theatres and Biomedical waste and how it does not cause cytotoxicity to users. It is a good surface cleaning device and removes significant bio burden. We have done swab studies both on surface and air and used Mobizone for over six months. We Recommend this machine to other hospitals and even public spaces.”

Mobizone is the outcome of years of Research in working with Ozone.It has all the features that gives Power in the hands of the users to quickly Disinfect Large Areas both in Air and Surfaces.

It can be Remotely Controlled, has Intelligent Sensors which are Programmed with PLC which adjusts the ozone concentration based on the size of the room or area to be covered, and removes excess ozone once the disinfection cycle is completed. Its Light Weight, can be easily wheeled in to any location, has a Big HMI display screen, and can provide data logs for maintaining records

Sanitoz is a Handheld Device, can be placed conveniently in any closed space to use for smaller spaces like Washrooms, Hotel or Patient rooms. It has a Smart Programmable Timer to dispense adequate doses of Ozone for disinfection and de-odourisation. It’s very convenient and safe to use device.

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