PM Modi greets Nagaland on 58th Statehood Day.

From Bhupen Goswami 

Guwahathi: The stalemate continued for the second consecutive day of Naga peace talks last Tuesday to find a final solution to the seven-decade-old insurgency problem in Nagaland. The Centre’s interlocutor and Governor Rn Ravi held separate talks with the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak Muiwah (NSCN-IM) and the apex organization of seven organizations. While the large militant group in the north-east is on its demand for a separate flag and constitution for the NSCN-IM Nagas.

A meeting was convened in Delhi to resolve the differences, especially in the demand for NSCL-IM. However, the centre has already rejected demands like a separate flag and a separate constitution. On the same issue, Nagaland Governor R N Ravi said that the Government of India is very clear that India will have only one national flag and constitution. Anybody who is speaking is lying the opposite. The Nagas rejected gun politics in favour of the political of democracy. Nagaland Governor R N Robbie said that the nagaland state is a testament to the victory of the politics of peace of bloodshed. They are trying to confuse and confuse people. Greeting the people of the state on the occasion of 58 statehood day of Nagaland, Ravi said. “The Government of India is perfectly clear that India will have only one national flag and constitution,” he said.

On the contrary, whatever one is speaking is a lie. Shri Ravi said that the Union Government has already recognised the “uniqueness of nagas”. He said that on October 31, 2019, there was a “common understanding” between the centre and the Naga rebels, but some people stand as a path to the aspirations of the people of Nagaland. “I urge these people to look at the articles on the wall, exit their make-up eco-chamber and listen to people’s voices and respect their wishes in true democratic spirit.” Since coming to power in 2014, the Modi government was engaged in negotiating a peace deal with the armed Naga group. It signed a framework agreement with the rebels in 2015, which was said to be a historic step towards solving the decades-old problem. The peace talks, however, hit as a deterrent, as the rebels last year tightened their stance on a separate Naga flag and their controversial demand for a constitution. He also demanded the removal of RN Ravi from the post of interlocutor. Meanwhile, the NSCN (I-M) claimed that the 16-points responsible for the construction of Nagaland as the 16th state of India did not have the support of the Naga people. However, isaac-muiva faction of the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim condemned the commemoration program of The Naga People’s Convention (NPC) President Imacoliba Ao at Raj Bhavan in Kohima and said the creation of the state of Nagaland is a result of “manipulation and betrayal”.

The NSCN-IM issued a statement ahead of the State Day celebrations saying that the history of Naga political conflict. The leader of the finance organisation said that the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue is a living testimony that the present Nagaland state is the brainchild of some treacherous Nagas. The rebel body further claimed that the IB (Intelligence Bureau) is in its divisive game after naming some Nagas, especially public servants, to include Bandwag as the Naga People’s Convention. “The construction of nagaland state for nagas has been recorded as a result of manipulation and betrayal, especially as an act of humiliation of freedom fighters and naga people in general,” it said on Monday. “The NSCN and Naga people are behind this commendable programme,” said Shri R.N. Singh, Governor of the State of Nagaland. Ravi is fully aware of the divisive extraordinary partnership, in order to justify all his efforts to defend the 16-PAC agreement at all costs. Thus, Ravi’s stance is condemned by the NSCN and Naga people. Last month, the Home Ministry directed the paramilitary Assam Rifles to launch a campaign against nscn (I-M) in the states of Nagaland which are not covered by the ceasefire agreement. Reacting to this, the rebel group accused the center of being “insincere” in its efforts to find a lasting solution to the seven-decade-old conflict and cautioned against testing its patience. The peace talks were hit as a deterrent.

On the other hand, on the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh wished the people of the state and highlighted their contribution to India’s overall development. PM Modi greets the people of Nagaland. Modi greets my sisters and brothers from Nagaland on my state day. The people of Nagaland are known for their courage and mercy. Their culture is exemplary and, therefore, contributes to India’s progress. For information, Nagaland was given statehood with Kohli declaring his capital on December 1, 1963. Earlier, Naga leaders and the central government had entered into an agreement to create a separate area of Naga Hills in 1957. The State of Nagaland Act, 1962 was thus enacted by the Parliament to grant Statehood to Nagaland. PM Modi greets Nagaland on 58 statehood day. done. The peace talks were hit as a deterrent.

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