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Ross Coulthart To Go Live with Surviving The Survivor, One of YouTube’s True Crime Show

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BOCA RATON: Surviving The Survivor Host Joel Waldman, a former Fox News national correspondent will interview Ross Coulthart, one of Australia’s leading journalists Wednesday, July 12th at 8pm eastern time.

Ross Coulthart is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist with over three decades experience in newspapers and television, including reporting for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, ABC TV Four Corners, Nine Network Sunday program and 60 Minutes, Seven Network Sunday Night.

The two will discuss Coulthart’s remarkable reporting that, through UFO whistleblower David Grusch, there are claims the United States government is currently in possession of spacecraft of “non-human origin”, as well as alien bodies. The news took the UFO/UAP community, as well as U.S. government officials at the highest levels by storm, with Coulthart trending on Twitter almost daily since the revelations broke.

Waldman will ask about hard evidence substantiating the claims, as well as plans for other UFO whistleblowers to step out of the shadows, and, of course, about disclosure finally from the American government.

The episode will be released on Surviving the Survivor’s YouTube channel, which has over 55K subscribers.

Joel Waldman is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist. As host of the wildly popular true crime podcast Surviving The Survivor, Waldman brings more than two decades of experience crafting stories, including long-form documentaries, investigative reports and human-interest pieces.

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