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Rs. 14 cr worth heroin recovered, six arrested.

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From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : In Assam, Guwahati police have seized 1.75 kg of heroin from two different locations, valued at Rs 14 crore and arrested at least six drug traffickers. Guwahati Police Commissioner Harmeet Singh said that the police had received information from the mukhbirs following which the drug was seized in a drive late on Saturday night. “Last night, we seized drugs from two places in different parts of the city,” he said. In the first case, we seized about 1.3 kg of heroin. In the second operation, about 450 grams of heroin was seized. Singh said the price of drugs in the market has been estimated at around Rs 14 crore.

There is widespread illegal cultivation of opium along the border areas of Manipur and the borders of Myanmar. Since there is no fence in the border areas and dense forests are present along the border line, manipur suppliers easily cross the border and enter Myanmar to procure raw heroin from their suppliers in Myanmar. Myanmar’s raw heroin is of better quality and cheaper than heroin manufactured in India. That is why there is an international lying demand for heroin produced in Myanmar. A senior Assam police official revealed that he used to come by air to meet the parties and avoid the eyes of law enforcement agencies and later send consignments through his vehicle. He keeps meeting new parties for drug delivery through his carriers and thus he was constantly expanding his cartel.

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