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 RSS Launch SC/ST Rashtriya Manch

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Hyderabad:   RSS has launched SC/ST Rashtriya Manch (SRM), in Hyderabad. The new outfit will work to further the social harmony, unity in the society in the country.

Speaking on the occasion senior RSS Pracharak  Indresh Kumar said India was one, India is one and it will remain as one. We all Indians are one. Our nation is our identity. We may have many religions, castes, creeds, sub-sects, beliefs, customs, traditions, languages and dialects, but we all are the children of Bharath Mata. She is our mother. India is our identity.

Untouchability and Minoritism are like a cancer disease of humanity. Practising it is a sin and crime. According to the UN , when people of a particular group are less than 3% of the population, they are considered as minorities, if they exceed that percentage, they are the citizens of the nation. I wonder why and how some Muslim and Christian leaders claim to be minorities. They are the citizens of the nation. They are like any other citizens.

Referring to AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi claiming to have separate DNA which is different from other Indians, the senior RSS functionary said if he (Owaisi) has a different DNA, I (Indresh Kumar) asked him in the past to go back and check about your ancestors and your parampara(customs). Then he (Owaisi) was quiet and didn’t respond, Indresh Kumar informed. We all have common ancestors. We all are one and we are Indians, he said.

If Asaduddin Owaisi feels that he has different DNA, he must go to such a mulk (country/land), which matches his DNA.

Indresh Kumar also launched two books on the occasion on Democracy and Tribal Education.

The SC/ST Rashtriya Munch is a national NGO. Very soon it will be launched in other parts of India informed Dr. Bonthu Kotaiah, National Convenor of SRM and Mr. MA Sattar, National In-charge of SRM. We will spread our wings all over India one by one, they added.

Along with Sri Indresh Kumar, the National Executive Committee Members of RSS, Prof. RS Sarraju, Honorary Advisor for SRM of TS & AP; Ms. Sushma Pachpore, National Women In-charge, Mr Syed Fayazuddin, Convenor, Virag Rachpore graced

The objective of the SRM is to promote communal harmony among Dalit communities, to create awareness about the constitution of India and its significance, to create awareness about various welfare acts about SC and STs and to protect their rights and others.

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