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Shradha Rani Sharma remembers ‘Bigg Boss’ House

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Actress Shradha Rani Sharma, who was a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 5, is very impressed with the current season 16. She is impressed with Sajid Khan. She says, “Sajid Khan is playing very well in ‘Bigg Boss’. Always working to maintain peace in the house. Even if there is a quarrel in the house, he is working to pacify them. He is also completing all the tasks well.”

Shradha Rani Sharma remembered her season after watching ‘Bigg Boss’.  About it Shradha says, “Bigg Boss is a very good show. Only a person who is mentally and emotionally strong can last till the end. During the show, everyone in the house speaks sweetly in front of us but same people nominate us to throw us out of the house. It shows who is truly ours and who is not. We get an opportunity to learn a lot after living in the Bigg Boss house.”

Shradha Rani Sharma further says, “When a new person enters Bigg Boss, they’re very cautious about their image initially.The audience of this show does not want to see you as a celebrity or a star Rather, they are more interested to know how you are in your personal life? This thing is difficult to understand inside the house so, some people realise it after coming out of the house. If I get a chance, I’d like to go back again in the ‘Bigg Boss’ House to entertain audience.”

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