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Sikpui Ruoi celebrated in Dima Hasao

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By  Anup Biswas


Haflong  : Sikpui Ruoi, the foremost among the festivals of the Hmars celebrated in villages of Dima Hasao where Hmar people inhabited with great pomp and splendour on Wednesday.

At Muolhoi largest village inhabited by Hmar people, Sikpui Ruoi celebration was organised by Muolhoui Village Committee at Muolhoi playground. HAD Minister, Sum Rohang graced the occasion as the chief guest while Chief Executive Member, N C Hills Autonomous Council Debolal Gorlosa graced as the Guest of Honour. Dima Hasao Deputy Commissioner, Amitabh Rajkhowa,  Executive Members of NCHAC Kulendra Daulagupu, S T Jen Hrangkhol, etc also attended the celebration. MAC, NCHAC H.  Hlima Keivom was the chief host of the Sikpui Ruoi.

Speaking on the occasion Minister Ronghang said he felt lucky to be present in the celebration since he was witnessing the Sikpui Ruoi, celebration for the first time in his life. He said he was very happy to see that the tribal people were trying to preserve their rich culture and tradition.

NCHAC CEM Gorlosa while appreciating the organisers of Sikpui Ruoi festival for organising the festival in a befitting manner said we the tribal people should always try to preserve and protect our rich culture and tradition.

Sikpui Ruoi is the foremost among the festivals of the Hmars. It is observed during the winter season when all works at the field as well as at home is more or less completed. The festival is organized for a fortnight and may even extend to a month-long celebration. During that time there will be singing of songs and community dancing every night. It is a festival marking peace and all round prosperity and therefore elaborate preparations are needed for the occasion. If there be any serious sickness or bereavement in the village during the year, the festival is postponed for the next year. Hence it is not possible to organize the festival every year. Because of this people expectantly look forward to Sikpui Ruoi whenever it is possible to be organized. The importance being such, the people also try their level best to settle disputes and try to be at peace with all the people of the community. Every night, the people, young and old alike, gathered together at the appointed venue to sing and to dance. The festival signifies peace, health, success and abundance in the village and hence, whenever organized, it is done with great pomp and splendour, forgetting all past troubles and sufferings.

 The day was also celebrated as the silver jubilee of the government recognition of the Sikpui Ruoi festival. The 5th December was declared a local holiday by the N C Hills Autonomous Council in the 1993.

Troupes from various communities performed traditional which included Hmar, Dimasa, Nepali, Kuki etc. which kept the audience spellbound.

During the celebration the souvenir was also released by NCHAC, CEM, Debolal Gorlosa.


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