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SSIC warns for stringer agitation in Dima Hasao

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by Anup Biswas

Haflong : Sixth Schedule Implementation Committee (SSIC) Dima Hasao has warned the government to launch strong agitation in Dima Hasao if the Government does not respond to their memoranda, this weas disclosed in press meet held at Nothao on Wednesday.

The press meet attended by H K Hlitho, Hmar People Union, S. Guite, Secretary Kuki Inpui, S Hrangkhol Secretary, Hrangkhol Halam Deawan and B C Langthasa, President, Sixth Schedule Implementation Committee (SSIC) Dima Hasao.

All the leaders stressed for omission of some defects in the proposed draft Sixth Schedule, Constitutional (one hundred twenty third Amendment) Bill, 2015 with insertion of the required provisions.

In this regard, SSIC submits several memoranda to the concerned authorities. Even, members of apex bodies belonging to different tribes communities met MP Birensing Ingti urging Mr Ingti to raise his voice in the parliament for the same.

SSIC members in cooperation with various apex bodies of the district have been communicating with state government and Union government concerning Constitutional amendment bill so that the organisation is not compelled to launch unwanted agitation in the district.

The proposed draft Constitutional (one hundred twenty third Amendment) Bill, 2015 containing some defects of sixth schedule provisions besides some provisions required to insert in, which is expected to place in the parliament in the ensuing winter session to be held in the middle part of December 2018.


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