Tibet President Lobsang Sangye warns China against encroachment of territory

From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : The Indo-China border dispute extends from Ladakh, Doklam, Nathula to tawang valley of Arunachal Pradesh. China has always been keeping an eye on Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh. He considers Tawang as part of Tibet and says that Tawang and Tibet have a lot of cultural similarities. Tawang is also the main shrine of buddhists. Even when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2020, China formally protested against his visit. China also claims Arunachal Pradesh along with Tibet and calls it southern Tibet. Arunachal Pradesh has a 3488 km long border with China. Tibet was taken over by China in 1951, when Arunachal Pradesh is part of India, according to the McMahon line drawn in 1938. China now has to say that the successor of the current Dalai Lama will be recognised only with the approval of the government.

In an official document released by the government, China) has categorically stated that whoever succeeds the Dalai Lama next will be elected at his will. Tibetan citizens have expressed displeasure after the Chinese government published a white paper about the Tibetan cleric, the Dalai Lama. China said it will not recognize the Dalai Lama if he chooses a successor himself or his followers nominate someone as his successor. The official White Paper issued by the Chinese Government claims that the approval for the rebirth of the Dalai Lama and other living Buddha personalities has been approved by the Government since the Time of the King Dynasty (1644-1911). China’s Xi Jinping government says the issue has been under government since the King dynasty. The document released by the government also said that Tibet has reportedly been an integral part of China since ancient times. China has said in this white paper that whoever succeeds the Dalai Lama or who ever succeeds him will have to follow the process of removing the slip from the golden urn in the election of the living Buddha vibhuti or the personality who will be selected will be approved by the Chinese government. It is known that China’s attitude with the 14th Dalai Lama is evident. He had to take refuge in India after the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959. Tell us here that then the local people of Tibet strongly opposed the Chinese action.

It is learnt that India has given political asylum to the 14th Dalai Lama since the local population movement in Tibet. Since then, the tibetan government in exile has been in Dharamshala in Himachal. The Dalai Lama is now 85 years old. Due to the old age of the Dalai Lama, the issue of his successor is now arising. The issue made headlines in the last few years when the US made it clear that only the Dalai Lama and tibetan citizens should have the right to decide on the Dalai Lama’s successor. At these crucial moments, President Lobsang Sangye of tibet’s exiled government has alleged that the Chinese government wants to gradually make India’s northeastern states, including Arunachal Pradesh, its share after capturing Tibet. He has said that this imperialist aggression of the Chinese government will never fall prey to the general public of Tibet and india’s north-eastern population. He has informed the US President about china’s imperialist aggression and appealed to the UN and the United Nations to warn China. Sangye also said that China is oppressing, sterilising and killing tibetan people. It should stop at all costs. He said that as far as China is concerned, the challenge before the whole world at present is either to change China or china will change it. The outgoing President of the Central Tibet Administration (CTA) recently met US President Biden and sought more assistance in Tibet against Chinese encroachment. According to international media, the situation in Tibet has worsened. Even Tibetan poets, writers and singers are being arrested. On the other hand, people are also being tortured for keeping a picture of tibetan cleric Dalai Lama. Tibet was placed with Syria in the list of least free countries on behalf of Freedom House, an ngo.

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