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TTK Prestige’s newly launched Vista range of kitchen hoods makes cooking a more enjoyable experience

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If you want to improve the air quality in your kitchen by removing pollutants, irritants and airborne grease, then a kitchen hood is mandatory. It helps to remove odours, eliminates heat and reduces carbon monoxide in the kitchen. It also contributes to making the kitchen a pleasant place to cook in and takes care of indoor pollution.

If you are in the market for a kitchen hood, then check out TTK Prestige’s newly launched Vista 600 and 900 models. How do they work? Smoke and oil droplets emitted during the cooking process are drawn into the chimney. The grease is trapped by the filters whilst the moisture and smoke are channelled out through the ducts and released into the outside environment.

The Vista is a value-add to any kitchen. The smart aesthetic adds to the style quotient of your kitchen. The thoughtfully placed LED lights on the kitchen hood provide enhanced illumination for the home-cook. The Vista comes with a stainless steel body with an elegant brushed steel finish. The glass on the canopy and front panel is tempered and heat resistant to ensure durability.  Functionality is a key priority as it has a powerful suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr. The baffle filter offers maximum airflow and easy maintenance.

Over the last 66 years, TTK Prestige has emerged as the go-to kitchen appliances brand for home-cooks across the country. In fact, it is estimated that there exists a TTK Prestige product in nearly every Indian kitchen. The brand operates on the pillars of trust, safety and health, which forms the basis of every TTK Prestige product. Right from inception, the brand has addressed the pain points of home-cooks across the country. With TTK Prestige’s new range of kitchen hoods, home cooks can enjoy the process of cooking, by ensuring that their kitchens are free of irritants, odours, grease and excess heat.

TTK Prestige’s Vista 600 retails for INR 20995 and the Vista 900 for INR 21995. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Currently, TTK Prestige is offering a free installation kit worth INR 1495 on the purchase of either the Vista 600 or 900. This new range is available for purchase at Prestige Xclusive, lifestyle stores, select dealer outlets and other leading ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. 

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