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MP: Farmers start making equipment to reduce farming cost

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The mantra of self-reliant India is now showing its effect even in the villages of Madhya Pradesh. Farmers have started making equipment at the local level to reduce the cost of farming.  Farmers in Mandsaur district of the state have prepared a unique vehicle named Jugaad by using a motorcycle. This vehicle is very useful for removing weeds and transporting food grains to the market.

These jugaad vehicles are being prepared at a cost of 20 to 30 thousand rupees. Farmer Dhariyavad Singh said that Jugaad has reduced the cost of labour and wages by 50%. Another farmer Raju said that now we are doing technical farming. The farmers of Mandsaur district have set an example by turning disaster into research. Now there is a need to convert this research into opportunity.  

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