Pure Skies, a green-tech system from Devic Earth covers the widest area of any air pollution control system in India

New Delhi: Pure Skies is an innovative flagship air pollution control system from Devic Earth, a Bengaluru-based green technology start-up. It uses pulsed Wi-Fi technology to tackle airborne gaseous and particle pollutants in industrial complexes, homes and cities. Available for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Pure Skies is a plug-and-play system. Just pushing a button will help remove 40-50 percent of nano-sized particles at <20µm, including PM2.5 and PM10, from the air you breathe.

With over 40 installations across India, Pure Skies can cover areas as large as hundreds of acres outdoors using a point-to-point network, similar to commercial Wi-Fi systems. Pure Skies improves air quality by as much as 33%, reducing pollutants that damage human health, such as particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

In the Pure Skies systems, Wi-Fi network extenders (nodes) repeat the signal from the Wi-Fi source (central base station) and increase its coverage across the entire facility. A network of such nodes serves the purpose of covering large areas with enhanced efficiency.

Devic Earth’s pollution control technology has been adopted by manufacturing conglomerates globally in sectors like steel, cement, hotels, mining, telecom, etc. Pure Skies works equally well for urban bodies and industrial clusters in solving air pollution challenges arising out of crop burning, forest fires, construction, industrial emissions, etc.

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